Can your PC handle Amazon’s Crucible?

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Amazon Game Studios revealed Crucible, their third-person action shooter, earlier this month. The free-to-play title is now just a couple of hours away from becoming available to all players, so in case you haven’t checked them out yet, Amazon has detailed the game’s PC hardware requirements. Thankfully, Amazon has listed both the minimum requirements for the game, as well as the recommended specs that will result in an optimal playing experience. You can check both of them out below.

Crucible Minimum PC system requirements

Each character – known as a hunter in the game – has their own unique abilities and weapons, and can be leveled up to allow players to customize how they play any given hunter. Gameplay in Crucible seems to blend battle royale and standard multiplayer, with players able to harvest experience in-game that will allow them to unlock various upgrades while they battle it out against NPCs and other players.

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