Can you preorder or upgrade to the Xbox Series X via Xbox All Access?

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Best answer: Yes. If you have an Xbox All Access contract, you’ll have the option to extend it when the Xbox Series X launches to get an upgrade. You may incur higher monthly payments as a result, however.

Xbox All Access is a contract option for spreading the cost of an Xbox One console and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, providing online access to Xbox Live and hundreds of instant games. There’s 0 percent interest/APR, meaning that you are only paying for the console and the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions over 24 months.

To upgrade to the Xbox Series X, according to Microsoft’s answers on Amazon, you’ll have the option to either pay off the remaining balance on your existing Xbox One console obtained via this subscription to keep it, or trade it-in towards the Xbox Series X to reduce the overall monthly payments. To be eligible, your existing Xbox console and its accessories need to be in good working condition. Otherwise, you may not be able to receive the upgrade. Once upgrading, you’d enter into a new 24-month plan with Amazon or the other retailer of your choice, and the payments may be higher (although there are currently no details on how high.) You also need to have made the equivalent of 18 months’ worth of payments before being eligible to upgrade.

Additionally, if you’re upgrading from the Xbox One S All-Digital, you’ll have to pay a $20 upgrading fee. The Xbox One S and X can be upgraded to the Xbox Series X without any additional fees.

Microsoft says it’s $100 cheaper to get Xbox consoles via this method, although that doesn’t account for hardware discounts or the fact you can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate from Microsoft Rewards for free if you have enough points. The key benefit of this service is the convenience of spreading the cost over several monthly payments. And in that, it’s a pretty great deal.

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