Cabot Circus finally getting its Samsung Experience Store

Cabot Circus, the city of Bristol’s massive shopping centre spanning 139,350 square meters (1.5 million ft²), is finally getting its very own Samsung Experience Store (SES). The British arm of the Korean tech giant confirmed the news mere moments ago, adding that the grand opening is scheduled for tomorrow, July 8th. The plans for the store were made official way back in December as the outlet was originally meant to open its doors to the public this spring. The rest of the story may sound familiar: the largest health crisis in mankind’s recent history happened, non-essential businesses across the world were forced into corporate aestivation, and we just kind of placed life on hold.The shopping centre on 25 Bond St in the southwest of England was no exception to the government-mandated lockdown. Most of its resident businesses were hence closed from March 23rd through June 15th, though Samsung decided to make the most of the delay by using the idle period to devise customer safety measures meant to secure its stores in the post-COVID-19 world. Or, better said, Partner Retail Services (PRS&) did, because the 13th SES location in the United Kingdom is opening under the same management in charge of the first dozen.

The lucky 13th SES location in the UKPRS& will be operating the Cabot Circus SES seven days per week, the company said. The store’s regular hours are 10:00 – 18:00, with Sunday timings being 11:00 – 17:00.Anyone looking to find out more about the new store’s selection or anti-coronavirus measures is encouraged to dial the said shop’s service team at 0333 344 1916. What’s more, local SES management says the same digits are the key to some temporary digital alternatives to physical visits, assuming you’re interested in those.

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