Business as usual: Both Galaxy Note 20 models to ship with 25W chargers

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Another nugget of information regarding the Galaxy Note 20 series has dropped, and it concerns the fast chargers included in the phones’ retail boxes. It’s probably not going to come off as a surprise but both the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra will reportedly ship with 25W fast chargers in the box, according to @rquandt on Twitter.Similar to last year’s Galaxy Note 10, the Galaxy Note 20 battery is expected to cap out at 25W fast charging, whereas the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s battery will benefit from 45W fast charging capabilities. However, both smartphone models will ship with Samsung’s 25W charger, and prospective Galaxy Note 20 Ultra buyers who may want to squeeze every advantage out of the flagship’s battery will have to buy the 45W charger separately.Why is Samsung seemingly limiting the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra?There are good explanations as to why Samsung may not be shipping its 45W charger along with the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. To begin with, the advantages offered by the 45W charger aren’t necessarily going to be a game changer. Early comparison between the charging speeds of the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+ have shown this before, but then again, the difference in battery capacity between the Galaxy Note 20 and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra might be smaller, so the end results will not be the same.Nevertheless, you could also argue that including a 45W fast charger in the Galaxy Note 20’s retail box would increase the phone’s retail price, and it’s better for customers to get the 25W fast charger for a lower price tag and be given the option to upgrade if they feel it’s necessary.Finally, Samsung’s 45W fast charger is actually a bit on the large side, or at the very least, it has a considerably larger footprint compared to the 25W fast charger. As a result, Samsung might simply want to avoid enlarging the Galaxy Note 20’s retail box purely from the logistics point of view. Whatever the case may be, it’s business as usual in Samsung’s camp and we don’t believe that too many people were expecting a 45W fast charger to be included alongside the top-tier Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model.

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