Build a kick ass Ryzen 7 gaming PC this Black Friday for under $600

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Building a new gaming PC is an exciting time, and the benefits over buying a pre-built are plentiful. One of the most obvious is the cost savings you can enjoy when you dedicate your own time over a big manufacturers, and you can also take advantage of huge shopping events like Black Friday. Taking advantage of the deals out there right now, we’ve put together this stylish, powerful gaming PC for under $600.

Save on your PC build on Black Friday

The parts listed here come to a grand total of just $570, which is incredible value for an 8-core gaming PC with fast storage, 16GB of RAM and a pretty fancy looking case.

With this build you’ll be able to enjoy gaming at 1080p, as well as having a rig that will crush any of your daily tasks, safe in the knowledge that you saved potentially hundreds of dollars over buying a PC that one of the big brands built.

The beauty of building your own PC is that you don’t have to stop there. This parts list will get you off to a great start, but if you want to improve the cooling, add more storage, or even get crazy with some RGB lighting, you can easily add to it.

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