Breaking: Galaxy S21+ and S21 Ultra cameras get exposed in real photos

The Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra have been exposed in a real life photos. It seemingly reveals the new camera bump design and suggests that the Galaxy S21 series will be available in at least one matte finish – black.

The Galaxy S21+ camera bump accommodates three sensors but it isn’t large enough for the LED flash. In contrast, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has four sensors, an LED flash, and what seems to be a laser autofocus module similar to the one employed by the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Dual telephoto sensors for the Galaxy S21 Ultra

The source claims that the Galaxy S21 Ultra camera combo features a 108MP main camera, a 12MP ultra-wide shooter, a (1st) telephoto lens that’s apparently capable of 10x zoom, and a (2nd) telephoto camera right below the LED flash, whose characteristics are unclear.

As for the Galaxy S21 Plus, it’s said to carry 12MP main and ultra-wide sensors as well as a 64MP telephoto shooter. The source claims that the standard Galaxy S21 will have the exact same camera configuration as the Galaxy S21 Plus though the dimensions of the camera bump will likely differ.

Finally, the photo reveals that the Galaxy S21 series might boast at least one matte finish for the color black, however, the source says there’s no guarantee that this color option will be available at launch. As to when it will launch, the Galaxy S21 lineup is expected to be unveiled in mid January.

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