Bose’s QuietComfort 45 headphones brings Quiet and Aware modes

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There have been leaks about it but now we finally, officially get to see it. Bose has announced the new QuietComfort 45 which replaces its well-reviewed and popular QuietComfort 35 II. The new headphones brings improved noise cancellation and battery life even as it looks pretty much similar to the last generations of the device. But in reality it is supposedly lighter and more comfortable and more compact than the older models. Users will get two main modes for the headphones: Quiet and Aware.

The QuietComfort 45 has four buttons on the right earcup for volume up and down, power, Bluetooth pairing and the button to answer/end calls, play/pause music, and access the native voice assistants. On the left earcup, there’s a button to mute the mic when you’re on calls and to toggle between the two modes. The simplified two kinds of settings will appeal to those who are confused with all the customization and available options in a lot of audio devices now. Both are possible because of the new active noise cancellation system and electronics package that comes with it.

Quiet Mode uses the microphones located inside and outside the earcups to remove the unwanted sounds in mid-range frequencies like when you’re commuting or you’re at a noisy cafe. Activating the noise cancellation happens in just “a fraction of a millisecond”. Meanwhile, switching to the Aware Mode will let you hear everything around you again without needing to take the headphones off. You’ll hear the “whoosh” that Bose uses to signal that noise canceling is activated or not.

When you’re on a call or using your voice assistant, you’ll be able to “share” your noise cancellation. Basically, this means whoever you’re talking to can hear your voice clearly whether you’re on a video chat with friends or a work conference call. Responses from your voice assistant should also be more accurate as a beam-form array will isolate your voice and a rejection array will dampen or block the noise around you.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 is now available for pre-order at and select resellers and will start shipping September 23. You’ll have to shell out $329.95 to own these headphones but if you’re a fan of the brand, then you’ll probably think this is worth it.

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