Bloomberg TV+ lands on Samsung TV Plus as the first linear 4K channel

Samsung TV Plus seems to be getting better with each passing month, and the most recent addition to the company’s ad-based streaming service is Bloomberg TV+. Samsung and Bloomberg Media are launching the platform on Samsung TV Plus today.Interestingly, Bloomberg TV+ is the first linear channel on Samsung TV Plus to be streamed in 4K UHD. It’s a 24-hour business and financial news network that delivers data-rich graphics created for 4K UHD.This is a milestone for both Samsung and Bloomberg MediaAside from Bloomberg TV+ being the first 4K UHD linear channel on Samsung TV Plus, the Korean company’s ad-based service is also the first platform of its kind to stream Bloomberg TV+ in 4K UHD. In other words, this collaboration represents an important milestone for both sides. Bloomberg TV+ was first launched in 2019, and Bloomberg Media collaborated with Wurl to distribute 4K UHD content on Samsung’s platform using HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec).Bloomberg TV+ is now available on all Samsung Smart TVs released in 2017 and later. Samsung recently shared some interesting stats regarding its TV Plus platform and how it grew over the past few years to accommodate a total of 518 channels around the world. They include sports, entertainment, documentaries and more.Now, Samsung Smart TV users can tune in to Bloomberg TV+ to watch popular linear programs including Bloomberg Surveillance and Bloomberg Wall Street Week, along with interviews from global leaders and business executives. And since Bloomberg TV+ is now delivered through the Samsung TV Plus platform, no additional downloads or subscriptions are required to enjoy this content.

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