Blockworks is bringing Disclosure’s latest album to life in Minecraft

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Minecraft Blockworks Disclosure ImageSource: Disclosure / Blockworks

Disclosure is a European electronic music band that has received numerous awards, and enjoys a large and passionate fanbase. Their third studio album, ENERGY, just released in late August. To celebrate the launch and to promote the new album, Disclosure teamed up with Minecraft superstars and creative firm Blockworks, whom we’ve covered before in an extensive Minecraft showcase, to create a fully interactive Minecraft world that replicates the album’s unique cover art.

The temporary server that Disclosure had for fans to interact with each other has already closed, but the full map and everything it offers will become available to download for single player use shortly, and includes a variety of easter eggs for any Disclosure fan. This means over a million Minecraft blocks across over a square mile of space that spans seven unique biomes. It also means three underground clubs that mimic real locations, and 8-bit renditions of some of Disclosure’s most popular tracks.

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As you can see in this side-by-side comparison (Blockwork’s Minecraft world is on the left), Blockworks but an incredible amount of work into making something uniquely Minecraft, but still clearly the album art for Disclosure’s ENERGY album. As always, we love to see stuff like this, and Blockworks continues to do a stand-up job creating inside of Minecraft.

What do you think about this collaboration between Blockworks and Disclosure? Are you a Disclosure fan? Let us know in the comments below!

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