Black Surface Headphones show up in leaked video

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Of all the new Surface devices present at Microsoft’s fall showcase, the Surface Headphones were curiously absent. However, Microsoft appears to be nearly ready for a small, but cool update for its first venture into Surface audio accessories.

Avid Microsoft leaker WalkingCat posted a leaked ad to Twitter that shows Surface Headphones in a new black color in action. Check it out below:

The black color certainly looks pretty sleek, and it will likely appeal to anyone who was turned off by the signature Surface grey that covered the headphoens at launch. This looks to be a cosmetic update only, with Microsoft’s touch controls and noise cancellation present.

While we didn’t get a look at any new Surface headphones at Microsoft’s fall event, the company did announce its new Surface Earbuds, which look a little awkward, but sport some impressive gesture controls.

Hearing is believing

Surface Headphones

High-quality audio, Surface design

The Surface Headphones bring outstanding sound to your PC or smartphone with some intelligent features that separate them from the competition. While they fall short on noise cancellation, they’re still excellent.

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