Black Shark 3 phone arriving with 120Hz Quad HD+ screen

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Black Shark 3 Gaming Phone Display

Aside from the Samsung Galaxy S20 and the next flagship from OnePlus, another upcoming smartphone will also come with a 120Hz display. Xiaomi is working on a new Black Shark phone–the Black Shark 3. It follows the other gaming phones from the company but only a prototype is ready, at least, for now. The Black Shark 3 comes after the Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro. Making it a winner is the 120Hz refresh rate that is also able to switch between 60Hz and 90hz.

It seems the mobile industry now is pushing for a 120Hz display. It’s only one of the major improvements we can expect this year apart from 5G connectivity. The ultra-speed mobile Internet connection is also expected to be implemented on most premium flagships and mid-range devices.

With the 120Hz display, the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 may also arrive with 2K or Quad HD resolution. The 1080p resolution will also be an extra option should the phone user wants to conserve battery. That’s the usual problem with higher-res or premium displays. They drain the battery of most phones fast that there really is no point in having hi-res screens because the user will just disable or lower the settings anyway.

Not many details have been shared but the Black Shark 3 gaming phone may run on the latest Snapdragon 865. This means the possibility of 5G access. There will also be a bigger battery plus more advanced cameras. It’s a gaming phone so an improved cooling mechanism is a given.

When it comes to product launch, Xiaomi may be looking at the mid-2020 announcement although the Black Shark 2 was dropped in March 2018. The Black Shark 2 Pro was made available in Summer last year so the Black Shark 3 may be announced around the same time. More info and images may be leaked in the coming weeks. We’ll be watching.


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