Black Shark 3, 3 Pro launching in EU with a special campaign

The Black Shark 3 is coming. We have known this gaming phone series for about a couple of years and the third-gen model is anticipated. The phone hit AnTuTu in February and was officially launched the following month. It was announced together with a Pro variant and soon, a Durability Test and Teardown videos were released. The focus was mainly on the Black Shark 3 Pro because it’s the ultimate variant but we know the non-Pro model is also good.

On May 8, the Black Shark will have another big launch. It’s a special launch campaign for the powerful gaming phones in Europe. The company is offering some coupons for those interested in the device.

The coupons to be won can be used towards the purchase of Blackshark 3, Blackshark 3 Pro, Black Shark accessories, and even the FunCooler Pro. There are plenty of prizes that will be available. All you need to do is complete a set of online Q&A.

Hundreds of winners can win coupons for the Black Shark products. Five winners can win $/£/€50 coupons for Blackshark 3 & Blackshark 3 Pro only. Ten lucky participants can win $/£/€30 coupons for Black Shark 3 & 3 Pro only. Thirty winners can also win $/£/€10 coupons for Black Shark3&3Pro only.

Other winners can have a chance to avail of the 25% discount off on accessory when you buy a Black Shark 3 and accessory (20 winners). Another 20 winners can enjoy 50% off coupon for FunCooler Pro.

That’s only the first part of the campaign. The second part will happen on May 8 when the Black Shark 3 becomes officially available. The first 100 users of the Black Shark 3, you will get a free Magnet Charging Cable from Black Shark. Join the ‘Rebellion’ campaign HERE.

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