Black Friday deal shaves $50 off one of the best gaming mice out there

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I reviewed the G502 Lightspeed and fell in love (if that’s a thing you can do with a gaming mouse), giving it five stars for everything from the design to customization. In my review, I said, “If you’ve got the extra money to spend and want what is one of the best wireless gaming mice out there, then the G502 Lightspeed should be at the top of your list. Its mixture of features, design, and customization make it well worth the money. Most importantly, it’s a wireless gaming mouse that still manages to feel just a responsive as a wired one.”

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This is the mouse to get if you’re a competitive gamer, or you just want to game casually with a bit of an edge. The Hero sensor Logitech has built into the G502 Lightspeed can be adjusted on the fly anywhere from 100-25,000 DPI. That’s a crazy amount of range, and it makes it easy to toggle between DPI settings with a pair of dedicated buttons.

You can use Logitech’s free software to customize everything from the lighting and what the buttons do, to assigning custom macros. Speaking of customization, the mouse also comes with a set of weights that allow you to adjust how heavy or light it is to suit your tastes.

Finally, it also pairs with the Logitech G Powerplay mouse pad, which lets the mouse constantly wirelessly charge while you play. Basically, you can forget about ever having to top off with a cable again.

For $99.99, the Logitech G502 is a steal during the Black Friday season. It’s also a pretty big discount from the $120 price we saw during Prime Day. If you want to hop on one of the best gaming mice you can get for much less than its usual $150 price, now’s the time to pull the trigger.

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