Biomass, an upcoming 2D Souls-like for PC, now sports a free demo

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Biomass is almost ready to join the ranks of fellow Souls-likes. Set in a sci-fi dystopia complete with lightsaber-style weapons, this game looks like it’ll be a fun one. Best of all, the developer has put out a free demo over on so that you can give it a shot. Spoiler: it’s worth it!

Though not perfect, the developer Final Scene dev looks to be responsive to feedback. Other than a few bugs, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I put in. It can be unforgiving and even brutal, especially since your player character feels pretty weak, but, as we all know, that’s part of the fun with a Souls-like.

Your goal is the mysterious lighthouse at the sunken city’s center. You’ll be trudging through flooded areas and meeting a few different factions along your path. It’s up to you how you interact with them, but be wary: your actions, and even your lack thereof, can have lasting consequences.

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Biomass features single and double laser swords, a sweet scythe, guns, and more to find, collect, and kill enemies with. Choose the armor with the best stats to suit your play style. All of this combined makes combat more interesting and engaging. Just be careful, enemies will have plenty at their disposal, also. Along with some fun gear, the game also sports gamepad support and key rebinding.

Did I mention that Biomass is hard? I swear, I did. In the demo, I died — a lot. And you will, too, but press onward, and I think you’ll find that is one of the first indie gems of 2020.

Already available to wishlist on Steam, Biomass is set to release on February 25, 2020, according to the Steam listing. The demo is available right here on; just download the zip, extract it, and open the Biomass.exe file.

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