Bing’s COVID-19 Tracker is now a web app in the Microsoft Store

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Bing has had a fairly robust COVID-19 tracker available to monitor for the past month, and now it’s coming to your desktop. Microsoft launched its COVID-19 Tracker app on the Microsoft Store this week, and it carries over all of the Bing tracker’s features.

In the app, you’ll find a comprehensive look at real-time statistics, both global and state-by-state, along with a list of news and videos about the coronavirus pandemic. You can also use the app the easily save locations that you want to track, allowing you to keep an eye on hot spots or your own state without too much hassle.

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Here’s a full run-down of the app’s features, from Microsoft:

  • Real-statistics of COVID-19 case count information from around the world
  • News and videos about coronavirus for the selected regions
  • Graphs and charts to see the trend and compare regions and countries to get more insights.
  • Testing center information at a county level in US and India
  • Helpful information from local/state departments of health
  • Support in over 30 languages
The COVID-19 Tracker app is available to download now on the Microsoft Store. You can also visit to see the tracker on the web, where it supports dozens of languages.

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