Bing Wallpaper changes your phone background regularly (or automatically)

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Bing has still not become synonymous with search the way Google has, no matter how many times Microsoft has pushed its search engine. But it does have its own following, but not because of its search capabilities, but rather the beautiful background photos that they post every day. It has become so popular that now they have released a standalone app called Bing Wallpaper, so you can have easy access to those beautiful photos and turn them into wallpapers for your mobile devices.

The app will give you a set of daily images from around the world and from various talented photographers. You will see them in a vertically scrolling list and then choose the one that you want to make into your phone’s wallpaper. You can do this every day as they will be updating the photos daily. But you can also update it automatically with the featured image of the day, if you don’t want the hassle of choosing and you trust the Bing’s app choice. You can set up the app to automatically update your wallpaper by choosing the frequency and if you will allow it to use mobile data or WiFi only.

If you want to scroll through the past photos, the app also has a library of all its beautiful imagery that they previously featured. You can filter the images by category, primary color, and even country of origin. When you tap on an image, you will see background information about the photo and maybe even the photographer. There are also buttons for sharing and related images from Bing. If you want to make it your wallpaper, there’s also a button for that.

One early complaint with the app is that it doesn’t have the parallax sliding effect that most are used to when it comes to background wallpaper. It’s actually just a single-screen crop of the image. While that may actually be enough for some users, those who are used to the parallax effect may find it wanting. This can probably be supported in future updates, if Microsoft will listen to the comments/complaints.

You can download the Bing Wallpaper app from the Google Play Store for free. It’s not really a highly functional app but if you like pretty background wallpapers, then this is a good option for you.

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