Bing has a brand new name and logo — meet ‘Microsoft Bing’

Bing LogoSource: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central

Microsoft is rebranding Bing to better reflect its integration with the rest of Microsoft’s products. Going forward, Microsoft will refer to the search engine as “Microsoft Bing.” This isn’t a radical shift that removes the Bing name, but it places emphasis on Bing working with other Microsoft services such as the Windows taskbar and Microsoft 365.

Microsoft discusses this shift in a Bing blog post that also outlines some new options for Bing users. The blog post briefly covers the shift to the Microsoft Bing name and then goes into greater detail into the expansion of the Give with Bing program, which allows you to donate to charities with Microsoft Rewards.

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Microsoft partnered with singer, songwriter, actor, and producer Janalle Monáe to help under-served communities through the Social Justice Learning Institute. The company also partnered with Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams to work with the Why Not You Foundation, which was founded by Seahawks star Russell Wilson.

In total, Give with Bing now supports 1.4 million organizations around the world. Through December 31, 2020, Microsoft will match the points donated to organizations through Give with Bing. Microsoft shared that over $1 million has been donated through Give with Bing so far.

Though the Bing blog doesn’t mention this specifically, today’s announcement appears to come with a new logo as well. When you open a new tab with Bing, a new Bing icon appears in the address bar. The same new icon also appears on the Microsoft Bing app on the Google Play Store and the official Microsoft Bing Twitter account. The curvier logo has been in testing since April but seems to be rolling out more widely now.

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