Bethesda won’t be holding a digital E3 showcase this year

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No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke. Pete Hines, the Senior Vice President of Marketing for Bethesda Softworks, has shared the disappointing news that Bethesda will not be holding a digital showcase around the same time that E3 would’ve been held, prior to its cancellation. Instead, Bethesda will be sharing information on upcoming games in the months ahead through (presumably) alternative means. You can see Hines’ statement on Twitter below.

Since 2015, Bethesa Softworks has held an E3 showcase every year. Last year, Bethesda announced many new games and expansions such as Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop from Tango Gameworks and Arkane Lyon, respectively. While it’s certainly disappointing that we won’t get another showcase this year, it’s certainly understanable given the circumstances. Just yesterday, Bethesda confirmed that QuakeCon 2019 was being canceled.

We’ll continue to provide updates as news comes in for different Bethesda Softworks games in the months ahead.

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