Best Xbox One games coming soon: Code Vein, The Surge 2, and more

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What you need to know

  • Many new games are coming to Xbox One next week.
  • Experiences like Code Vein and The Surge 2 are the most prominent out of the lot.
  • Almost all of the games are Xbox One X Enhanced.
  • You can preorder the titles through the Microsoft Store right now.

Every week, numerous games launch on Xbox One, but which ones truly stand out? Here are some of the biggest and most anticipated titles launching across Microsoft’s platforms next week. We have a few new smaller releases on Xbox One, but there are still a few surprises here and there. Notably, Code Vein is finally launching on the system, and The Surge 2 offers an interesting take on the puzzle genre. With that in mind, here are all the best games launching next week, between September 23 and 27.

Most anticipated Xbox One games for 2019 and beyond

Code Vein

Code Vein is a role-playing game about vampires with gameplay inspired by Dark Souls. Create your own character and choose your partner as you venture out into a world of destruction, overrun by the Lost. Use your combined strength to coordinate your approach and defend each other from surprise attacks or overpowered enemies using your Blood Veil and various weapons.

Code Vein should launch on September 27, starting at $60. The game features Xbox One X enhancements.

Anime Dark Souls

Code Vein

Become a revenant

Bandai Namco will soon be delivering a post-apocalyptic Japanese role-playing game where players take control of vampiric creatures called “revenants.” Get ready for some bloody action this September.

Contra: Rogue Ops

Everyone knows that Contra is a legendary shoot ’em franchise from Konami. While the company may be more interested in pachinko machines at the moment, it hasn’t stopped it from working on the next step for the franchise. Instead of the regular 2D levels, Contra: Rogue Corps is a top-down 3D shooter. While that may not sound that appealing, early previews say that it’s a lot of fun.

Contra: Rogue Ops should launch on September 24, starting at $40. The game runs at 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

Look what’s back!

Contra: Rogue Corps

It’s not a pachinko machine

Preorder Contra: Rogue Corps with the season pass to get two t-shirt skins for the Hungry Beast hero. The season pass consists of four add-on packs which contain skins, t-shirts, and other in-game bonuses.


FIFA 20 is an upcoming football simulator that emerges as the best-selling game around the world every year. There’s a demo avaialble right now. As with any EA Sports trial, you won’t be able to check out the full game here. Rather, it’s just a taste of some of the gameplay and players that the game will ship with next week.

FIFA 20 should launch on September 24, starting at $60. The game runs at 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

Hit the turf


Another installment releases

The EA Sports FIFA series is back for 2020, and this year it brings street soccer to the table alongside the usual professional mode.

The Surge 2 is an upcoming third-person action game along the lines of Dark Souls. However, instead of a fantasy setting, it takes place in industrial corridors and ruined cities. It seems like the story takes place sometime after The Surge because there are nano-cultists and other bizarre characters running amok in Jericho City. All the while, Athena, a woman with whom you have a special connection, leads you through the streets to a destination unknown.

The Surge 2 should launch on September 24, priced at $60. The game features Xbox One X enhancements.

Limb-slicing action

The Surge 2

Enter a brutal world

The Surge 2 takes everything players loved about the first game and ramps it up to an eleven. With even more brutal combat, deadly foes, hostile environments and ways to upgrade, welcome to a horrifying future.

These are the biggest games launching soon, and many of them seem like absolutely thrilling experiences. Be sure to check out Code Vein and The Surge 2 because they appear to be the most unique games out of the lot. Which titles are you interested in? Let us know.

Other experiences like The Adventures of Elena Temple, Constructor Plus, Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football, Fight’N Rage, Hitman 2: Haven Island, Mining Rail 2, Rage 2: Rise of the Ghosts, Rex Rocket, and Sally’s Law should also release next week. If you’re looking for a break between those heavy-hitters, be sure to check out these titles games because they’re a lot of fun.

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