Best Xbox Game Pass games you haven’t played yet

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This medieval-era tale sits among the most underrated games of this generation, recipient to our “Editor’s Choice” award in 2019. Escaping an oppressive faction, while carnivorous rats swarm the streets, its heart-wrenching, dark-age horror demands stealth and puzzle-solving to persevere.

$19 at Amazon

The prime example of games as a storytelling vehicle, What Remains of Edith Finch sits among the unmissable of Xbox Game Pass. You won’t forget this collection of devastating tales, even if just a couple hours from start-up to finish.

$20 at Microsoft

The halls of these space stations always have surprises in store, fusing strategy with a first-person roguelike shooter. It’s from former BioShock developers — and it shows — boasting a comical cel-shaded style, but with a punishing twist.

$30 at Microsoft

Swarmed by an ancient evil from another dimension, Remnant excels at world design akin to Dark Souls, translated to a weighty, coop-friendly, third-person shooter. The use of procedural generation keeps encounters fresh, while challenging boss fights pose a real threat.

$40 at Microsoft

You’ll slay in style with this side-scrolling platformer, shifting the emphasis to skateboard-mounted gunfights, slow-mo executions, and building combos. It’s unfiltered arcade fun, especially when racking up the high scores.

$20 at Microsoft

Work your way through the wizard ranks through this randomly generated, dungeon-crawling, roguelike RPG. While we’ve seen these adjectives used to describe countless games before, there’s something extraordinary about this magic-focused take on the genre.

$16 at Microsoft

The unsettling space station adventure retraces the steps that led to Dr. Emma Fisher’s disappearance, through the perspective of its onboard artificial intelligence. The familiar setup for any 2001: A Space Odyssey fan, players control the station’s various cameras and systems for a twist of puzzle play.

$25 at Microsoft

When a courier continually fails to deliver your package, eventually arriving broken on your doorstep, we like to imagine this game provides a glimpse behind the scenes. Featuring crazy ragdoll physics akin to Human: Fall Flat, get to the destination alone, or with friends. Especially fun with kids.

$15 at Microsoft

Despite several years on the market, Wasteland 2’s post-apocalyptic world holds up through deep role-playing, choice-driven storylines, and strategic turn-based combat. With developer inXile now in-house with Microsoft, the sequel sits on the horizon for Xbox and PC.

$30 at Microsoft

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