Best Xbox Game Pass games for January 2020

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Best Xbox Game Pass Games Windows Central 2020

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s all-in-one subscription for Xbox One gaming, granting a Netflix-style library starting at $10 per month. You can download games directly to your Xbox console, even extending to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass PC under the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate tier. We’ve rounded up a list of the best titles in Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One, right here.

Microsoft’s latest, Forza Horizon 4, is an accessible arcade racer ideal for any gamer. Staged in the British countryside, it presents a vast open world filled with hundreds of automotive icons and activities. And with leading visuals across the Xbox One family, it’s an essential showpiece for your console.

$40 at Amazon

From Knights of the Old Republic II to Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds marks the latest venture of action role-playing heavyweight, Obsidian Entertainment. The Halcyon system, corporation-ruled and plagued by extreme capitalism, hosts exemplary world-building paired with player choice. Whether smooth talking or guns blazing, this boundless RPG is for you.

$52 at Amazon

Rounding up over a decade of Master Chief, this all-inclusive bundle packs the best of Halo. Upgraded for Xbox One X, experience all campaigns and multiplayer in 4K and HDR. The newly-remastered Halo: Reach recently joined the lineup, available for free under your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

$30 at Amazon

Gears 5 is the latest entry in Microsoft’s iconic Gears of War franchise, packing an epic story campaign, competitive multiplayer, and a duo of tense cooperative modes. It’s a great all-rounder among Xbox’s highlights, among the newest in-house blockbusters included with Xbox Game Pass.

$25 at Amazon

Rockstar Games’ open-world hit is undeniably among the best of Xbox One, shifting over 100 million units across six years, and still among today’s top-played titles. While an expansive single-player story tails a trio of criminals hoping to strike it big, the supporting GTA Online mode still boasts free regular updates.

$29 at Amazon

Crowned our favorite Xbox One RPG of all time, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a masterpiece of storytelling and combat. Set in a dark, medieval-inspired fairy tale land, The Witcher 3 follows Geralt of Rivia’s attempts to track down his protege, packaged alongside methodical monster hunting, and all sorts of political intrigue.

$39 at Amazon

This ongoing pirate adventure allows you to sail the seas with a trusty crew, tackling mythical threats, and uncovering long-lost treasure. Gameplay consistently rewards cooperative play, ideal among close friends, and supported with regular free updates. In Sea of Thieves, it’s truly about the journey, not the destination.

$40 at Amazon

While Gunfire Games’ latest third-person shooter flew under the radar for many, it’s a fine-tuned convergence of punishing, Dark Souls-style difficulty, and class-based gunplay. The result is an addictive maze of post-apocalyptic dungeons and bosses, elevated by cooperative online play.

$40 at Microsoft

Channel your inner fowl, bringing chaos to an otherwise peaceful village, with Untitled Goose Game. You’re an endearing goose with a mischievous edge, stirring up mischief and honking yourself through a series of countryside backdrops. Underneath that initial joke, there’s a surprisingly gripping stealth experience too, stealing prized possessions and meddling with everyday life.

$20 at Microsoft

Venturing beyond the subways of Moscow, Metro Exodus embarks on a four-season journey across post-nuclear Russia. This tense single-player adventure builds a world primed for discovery, rewarding resourceful players with survival instinct.

$25 at Microsoft

Embark on a rocket-bound adventure in this interplanetary indie, exploring the far reaches of a quirky solar system. It’s best to enter Outer Wilds with as little context as possible, packing more than meets the eye.

$25 at Microsoft

Building a character to slay all-powerful beasts, the grind for new loot lies at the heart of Monster Hunter: World. Challenging boss fights promote deep-rooted cooperative tactics with up to four allies, recently expanded via the epic-scale Iceborne expansion.

$17 at Amazon

Minecraft sits among the top-selling games of all time, attributed to the charming voxel sandbox, both a creative canvas and host to role-playing fantasy. Gather resources and let your imagination run wild, with procedurally-generated maps primed for exploration.

$30 at Amazon

Send demons back to hell with this fast-paced return of the arcade shooter. Leveraging tight gunplay, gore-filled takedowns, and crazy firepower, DOOM will always satisfy that shooter itch. And with DOOM Eternal slated for 2020, there’s no better time to return to this rebooted classic.

$9 at Amazon

Remote-controlled rocket cars and soccer aren’t an everyday recipe but form a strong foundation for Rocket League. With a simple but addictive concept, it’s the perfect sports game for those often distanced from the genre, ideal for hours of mindless or strategic play.

$23 at Amazon

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Microsoft’s latest racing entry, Forza Horizon 4, is easily among the top games on Xbox One today, even for those who aren’t fans of the genre. Playground Games takes its open-world festival to new heights, exploring Great Britain across four seasons, with hundreds of iconic vehicles. It’s a quick Xbox Game Pass title to pick up and play, amd offers hundreds of hours of roads to travel once hooked.

We also wrap with a nod to The Outer Worlds, an ambitious new role-playing experience from Obsidian Entertainment. The studio behind some of gaming’s top RPGs recently joined the Microsoft family, with its latest endeavor on Xbox Game Pass from launch. It’s a classic open-ended sandbox, accommodating player choice from methodical to downright crazy.

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Xbox Game Pass is a Netflix-style subscription service for Xbox One, granting access to more than 200 games, and new Microsoft releases on launch day. In short, it’s great value for all gamers.

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