Best shower speakers of 2020

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No one is going to judge you, we’ve all done it. Singing in the shower has been around since before showers were invented (don’t fact check that). The acoustics of the bathroom turns everyone into Christina Aguilera. But playing music off of your phone doesn’t sound good enough to match your newfound timbre, and it’s often too quiet to hear over the falling water.

Your quest for the best shower speakers brought you here, and however you go about it, this list has you covered. These are the best shower speakers for the budding superstars.

Editor’s note: this list was updated on March 6, 2020 to reflect changes in price.

When it comes to the best shower speakers, you can’t go wrong with the UE Wonderboom 2

UE’s offered a number of great shower speaker options in the last few years, but the Wonderboom 2 is its current best option. This bluetooth speaker packs a handful of features that make it one of the absolute best options your bathroom diva sessions. For starters, the 100-foot range means means you won’t have to bring the speaker and your phone in the shower with you, regardless of how big your bathroom is.

The speaker has an IP67 waterproof rating, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged if it falls into the water or gets sprayed, and it can be safely submerged in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. Paired with the ability to float, this makes the Wonderboom 2 not only one of the best shower speakers, but one of the best bath speakers too. There are also prominent “+” and “-” signs on the front which, as you might expect, control the volume.

On the back, is a small elastic loop, which can be great for hanging off hooks on a shower rack (though it’s too small to fit around most showerheads). The speaker houses two 40mm drivers, as well as two passive radiators, which will make the water ripple around it if your in the bath. It’s “outdoor boost” mode also increases the speaker’s output, so you won’t have to worry about it getting drowned out by the shower.

Since the Wonderboom 2 is made by Ultimate Ears, you can also get some more functionality out of the free app. Using the app, you can pair a second Wonderboom speaker for true stereo sound. That’s not exactly a helpful feature for the shower (unless you have a giant bathroom), but it’s great for parties. Bluetooth connectivity remains limited to the SBC codec, rather than aptX or AAC, but for showering it’s good enough.

If you just want good sound, the JBL Charge 3 is for you

This is one of the best speakers you can get, period, but that’s what makes it so great for the bathroom. Everything good about this speaker gets amplified in the shower, especially the sound. While it may be tempting to get the newer Charge 4, the only notable difference is JBL Connect+ compatibility. Otherwise, the Charge 3 is lighter, smaller, and pretty much the same as the Charge 4.

Like most of JBL’s new Bluetooth speakers, the Charge 3 is covered in waterproof fabric that gives it an IPX7 waterproof rating. You can completely submerge it in the bath if you want, though I’m not sure why you would. The Charge 3 also has a USB output to charge your devices (hence the name). Doing so will deplete the battery a little quicker, but don’t worry. Losing two or three hours to quickly charge your phone won’t be an issue—20 hours per charge is more than enough.

The Charge 3 shares the exposed passive bass radiators on either end of the Xtreme and Flip 4. This adds emphasis to the low-end, which is great considering the Charge 3 already has an impressive sound. The speaker also incorporates a small stand into its design. It may not stick to the wall of your shower, but you can easily put it on any flat surface in your bathroom for room-filling sound, making it one of a few of the best shower speakers. Of course, the JBL Charge 4 is out as well but as it’s a newer item, it’s also more expensive. Chances are, the JBL Charge 3 will do all you need it to and more, saving you money in the process.

For the most versatile of shower speakers go with the Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Duo

Honestly, you probably don’t need the best sounding speaker for your shower (but if you do, we have a pick for that too). You need something you won’t have to fiddle with or worry about—something you can place anywhere to get your music fix. Enter the Boom Swimmer Duo from Polk Audio. It’s the most versatile speaker you can get. That’s why it’s earned a spot as one of the best shower speakers you can get.

Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Duo

The speaker’s single midrange driver isn’t anything special, so don’t expect powerful thumping lows. However, its IPX7 build means you don’t have to worry if you drop it in the bathtub, and you can also detach the speaker to swap attachments. You can go with either a suction cup or a flexible tail that’s pliable enough to wrap around anything.

Polk also claims an 8 hour battery life, so you unless you take extremely long showers, you won’t have to charge it for a while. Plus, there are playback controls built right into the speaker, so you don’t have to reach for your phone every time you want to adjust the volume.

If you want the best shower speaker that looks just as good in the living room, get Bose SoundLink Micro

Bose is one of the better-known brands in audio, and although its products might not be the most popular among audiophiles, the company certainly knows how to make a great niche product. Take the Bose QC35 headphones. They don’t sound amazing but they’re comfortable and have great active noise canceling technology that they’ve become a staple for many frequent fliers. The Bose SoundLink Micro is like that but in the speaker world, and it looks just as good in the shower as it does in your family room.

The only downside really is the battery life, but at around 4 hours in our testing, it’s still good enough just for the shower. Plus, it has playback controls built into it and a hook on the back so you can clip it to something in your bathroom. It isn’t the best, but at around $99 it’s definitely a bang for your buck option.

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For those that want to spend as little as possible get the Jam Hang Up

The UE Roll 2 is a great waterproof speaker in general, but if you literally want a speaker to just stick on your bathroom wall then the Jam Hang Up is one of the best shower speakers available. For less than $20, it features a similar design to the Bose SoundLink Micro with a more whimsical design and selection of colors.

On the rear of the Hang Up is a silicone panel that can be pulled back to reveal a sticky pad, which effectively sticks onto any flat surface. During testing, it never fell from the shower wall. What’s more, it’s easy to clean and if you want to use it as a small living room speaker, just cover the adhesive pad with the same silicone flap.

Jam Hang Up

Although the buttons are designed to look fun, which they are, they’re difficult to press. It takes quite a bit of force, which actually deterred me from switching tracks. Additionally, between the “X” and “O” buttons is a vertical line that matches the predominant speaker color; initially, I thought it was just a separator for the “X” and “O,” but it’s actually a multifunction button.

On the flip side, the Hang Up has a brilliant design that houses the included micro-USB cable; you’ll never be without a charge. The speaker also includes an auxiliary input, which is increasingly rare to see in speakers of this grade. Overall, if spending less than $20 on shower speakers appeals to you, then the Jam Hang Up should be hung up.

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What you should know about the best shower speakers

Anker Soundcore Motion Q review: The speaker submerged in a bowl of water.

Due to its IPX7 rating, the Anker Soundcore Motion Q can be fully submerged up to 1m for a maximum duration of 30 minutes. It’s definitely worthy of considering as one of the best shower speakers.

When it comes to any product that claims you can soak it, it’s also good to look at its IP rating. The IP rating, or Ingress Protection rating, is an international standard used to quantify how well an electronic device is protected against water and dust. Practically, it’s just a set of tests that a product has to pass in order to get a certification. Now look, we get it, IP ratings can be confusing and most people don’t know what the difference is between IP67 and IPX5. Luckily, we did all the work research it for you and made this chart to explain it.

  Water-resistant Waterproof Can withstand
IPX0 Not water-resistant
IPX1 Dripping water (1 mm/min)
Limit: vertical drips only
IPX2 Dripping water (3 mm/min)
Limit: Device max tilt of 15° from drips
IPX3 Sprays
Limit: Device max tilt of 60° from sprays
IPX4 Splashes, omnidirectional
IPX5 Water jets (12.5 L/min)
Example: Squirt guns
IPX6 Strong water jets (100 L/min)
Example: Powerful water guns
IPX7 Complete submersion
Limit: 1 m. for 30 min
IPX8 Complete submersion
Limit: 3 m. for 30 min

Of course, this is all fairly surface level stuff. Just a quick definition so you can be confident that you know exactly what it is that you’re buying. If you really want to dig into IP rating and learn more about them you can read our full explainer.

Bluetooth quality

As great as you may sound when you sing, Bluetooth speakers probably won’t share that same quality. That’s not to say that music won’t sound good, but Bluetooth data transfers just aren’t up to par with wired—just don’t expect to mix your next Soundcloud anthem use it. It’s the practical aspect of a Bluetooth speaker that makes it worth it, not the quality.

What other kinds of speakers can you use?

While Bluetooth speakers are the cheapest and easiest way to get louder music into your bathroom, there are some other options. For example, if you’re looking to eventually hook up speakers all through your home then you can always just go with some wireless speakers like Sonos which have a humidity-resistant speaker or two perfect for bathrooms. These kinds of speakers will connect over your Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth resulting in a stronger connection, though it will cost you more.

Notable mentions

The speaker in a sling bag which is unzipped.

While it’s easy to hook the speaker onto anything, its bulbous shape makes it difficult to fit into small sling bags.

  • JBL Flip 4: This is completely waterproof and sounds good. Plus, it costs less than $100 and has a string on the side, so you can hang it.
  • Anker Soundcore Flare: It’s waterproof, inexpensive, and has a much better design than any of the previous Soundcore speakers.
  • Anker Soundcore Sport: If you want one of the best shower speakers that also happens to be cheap, look no further.
  • Aoimais Sport IIIf you want something that looks as rugged as it is durable, the Aomais Sport II needs to be in your speaker arsenal. It’s an IPX7 speaker with a shock-absorbent build, so it can handle your toughest adventures.
  • Altec Lansing IMW257 Mini H20: The attached clip is good for hanging the speaker from a towel rack in the shower, and the speaker itself features an IP67 build, making it an excellent pick for anyone rough on their belongings.
  • Soundbot SB510 HD If you liked the Jam Hang Up but want something with a more unique design, the SoundBot is a great pick. It still sticks to a shower wall and costs a hair less than the Hang Up.
  • JBL Clip 3: The Clip 3 also makes a solid option for your shower, assuming you have a shower-head thin enough to clip the carabiner around. If not, a towel tack should work just fine.

How we chose the best shower speakers

When it came to picking what we thought the best shower speakers were, there were a few features that we were looking for. The most important feature was obviously waterproofing. You can’t take a speaker that isn’t protected against water into a shower where it’s going to be exposed to water, mist, and be potentially dropped every now and then. Well, you can, but you won’t have that speaker for much longer.

best shower speakers: A straight-on shot of the speaker being gripped in the hand.

The cloth wrap dries quickly and makes it easy to grip the Anker Soundcore Motion Q.

The second was ease of use. For example, the UE Wonderboom is a great little waterproof speaker that knocked out the UE Roll 2 in our best waterproof Bluetooth speakers list, but there’s a reason it didn’t manage to do that here.

The UE Roll 2’s elastic bungee cord is large enough to hang from almost anything in your bathroom. The UE Wonderboom has an elastic loop too, but it’s so small you’d be hard-pressed to hang it off of a towel hook, let alone a showerhead. Something like the JBL Charge 3 doesn’t have a loop, but it gets so loud that you can just leave it on the floor and you’ll still fill your bathroom with music.

The last and arguably most important feature we looked at was price. If you’re only going to be using the speaker while you shower, chances are you don’t need to more than a hundred dollars. If you do decide to spend more, than it had better be a damn good Bluetooth speaker that you can use in a few different situations (hence the JBL Charge 3 recommendation).

Why you should trust us

Being a SoundGuy is each of our daily grinds, and while we thoroughly enjoy our jobs, admittedly not every product is stellar. However, that mixed experience allows each of us to pick out the golden eggs from the Humpty Dumpties. As far as shower speakers are concerned, each of us sings in the shower and some of us may even be related to it for singing. That said, we want you to be happy with your shower speaker pick and understand that top-notch audio quality may not be what matters most in this instance.

A photo of the JBL Charge 3 in use near a hot tub.

We put in countless hours of research year-round to ensure our findings are sound when it comes to the best shower speakers. It may look as if we’re relaxed, but we’re hard at w0rk—always.

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