Best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps of 2019: All the top options for your smartwatch

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Whether you have the Samsung Galaxy Watch or a Galaxy Watch Active 2, the list of apps for you to download is vast and improving all the time.


However, discovering which apps are worth your time can be challenging. And that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you by selecting the best from the store.

Samsung’s Tizen platform is filled with more options than ever before – 60,000 apps and watch faces, in total – and below we’ve picked out the best 10 apps for you to download, including third-party apps for music, fitness, news headlines and more.

1. Spotify

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Nobody in the wearables business has a better relationship with Spotify than Samsung. The first wearable company to offer full Spotify support, and still only joined by Garmin.

So, if you want to use for Galaxy Watch for music – whether that’s on a morning commute or your daily workout – there is no better choice than Spotify right now.

You get the ability to check out recently played music, playlists and the top charts. Naturally, you’ll also get to take a look at your own library, which includes your custom playlists.

However, the big feature – if you’re a Premium user – is the offline playback support, meaning you don’t have to be connected to your phone in order to listen.

2. Uber

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Now you can Uber everywhere from your wrist. You simply set your pickup and get going.

It’s not difficult dragging the map around to choose your pickup spot, and that sweet rotating bezel is handy for zooming in and out of the map to get a better view.


3. Samsung Internet

The best Galaxy Watch apps

We admit, your wrist isn’t exactly the best place to check a website out. But sometimes there are situations where it’s warranted – maybe you forgot your phone somewhere, or you’re way too lazy to get it out of your skinny jeans or purse.

Samsung’s Internet browser, which is not pre-installed, is a pretty good stop-gap. You can check out all your bookmarks or search the web via Google voice search.

4. Gear Voice Memo

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Samsung’s voice memo app might have an old name, but it’s as useful as ever.

It’s not pre-installed, but it is simple to use. Simply hit the record button and you’re good to go. Once you’re done, you’ll get a transcription of your audio along with your file, which automatically syncs to your phone.

5. Samsung SmartThings

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Samsung has a massive ecosystem of devices, and it’s gone in hard on the smart home game with its SmartThings-compatible devices.

You can use the SmartThings app to check out the status of your devices and even control routines. This includes controlling your TV, which might be the most important smart thing of all.

6. Speedometer

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Sometimes, when you’re cycling or just scootering around, you don’t want to know all your health metrics – you just want to know how fast you’re going.

Speedometer is an old Gear S3 holdover, and it’s perfect for that exact need.

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The app uses your GPS to check your speed. You can also save your journeys, and you’ll get to see your distance, duration and a speed map of how fast (or slow) you were going.

7. Flipboard News Briefing

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Simply, it’s the Flipboard news experience on your wrist. It’s extremely easy to use and set up, and the news is broken down into easily digestible nuggets of need-to-know information.

There’s no better way to check out the news on your wrist.


8. Map My Run

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Similar to Spotify, Samsung has long had a relationship with Under Armour’s suite of fitness apps – and Run with Map My Run is your best option for running with Galaxy Watch.

It uses your Galaxy Watch’s GPS to track your distance and pace and other metrics.

Bonus: When you buy a Galaxy Watch, you get a year of MapMyRun Premium membership for free from the time you install and set up the app.

9. Find My Car

The best Galaxy Watch apps

There’s nothing more frustrating – or humiliating – than wandering around a parking lot not having remembered where you parked.

Find My Car solves that, allowing you to save your location on the map. You can also leave yourself a voice memo of where you left your car, and a little counter on the bottom will tell you how far away you are.

10. Monster Vampire

The best Galaxy Watch apps

Have some time to pass and want a cute little game on your wrist to help out? Monster Vampire is a good one to try.

It’s a breaker game where you use the rotating bezel to bounce a monster around to eat some jack o’ lanterns. You can also walk to get yourself more energy to help you out, too.

11. Facer

The best Samsung Galaxy Watch apps

You’ve already looked at the best Samsung Galaxy Watch faces – you’re no fool – but what about an app that gives you an alternative to plucking them out of the clunky Tizen Store? Enter, Facer.

Like with Wear OS and Apple Watch, the Facer app lets you pick from its library of free or paid-for faces, giving you a much more comprehensive list than you have at your disposal through Samsung.

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