Best Roku deals: Stream HD, 4K, HDR content

Do you need more ways to binge all of your favorite TV shows and movies? Want easy access to one of the largest content libraries around? Roku’s platform includes all of your favorite apps like Netflix and Hulu. It has a whole bunch of channels you’ve probably never even heard of. You can try something new or just rewatch The Office for the seventeenth time. All you need is a way to access that content, which means some sort of media streaming device or TV with a smart platform or something. We’ve got the best deals on Roku devices right here.

Roku has a small lineup of hardware, and these devices get updated at least once a year. It can be hard to keep up with what’s available sometimes. Each one has its own unique features. The trick is deciding what works best for you and then see if there’s a discount available.

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Current top Roku deals and prices:

These are the best Roku deals anywhere on the internet:

Best Roku streaming device deals:

Roku has streamlined its product lineup in recent years with only a few current generation products available. Sometimes you can find the older generations on sale, but usually once they’re gone they are gone. We will keep all of Roku’s current products constantly updated with the best available pricing here.

Not all of these are on sale, though. Just a heads up. Don’t go buying something at its normal price when it’s definitely going to drop soon enough.

Best Roku TV deals:

At some point in the last few years, Roku decided in addition to building one of the best platforms for media content and creating the devices to watch that content on, the company should just skip the middleman and build Roku directly into TV sets. This started with TCL, and the TCL Roku TVs continue to be one of the best values in the world of nice-looking TVs. However, thanks to Best Buy and a few other partnerships, there are now a wide range of brands that sell Roku TVs. We’ll cover all the best savings right here.

Hisense Roku Tv

Hisense 55-inch R6 4K Roku TV | $33 off

This TV with 4k resolutions also has HDR support through Dolby Vision. Plus it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can control the TV with just your voice once it’s set up. The Roku platform gives you a ton of streaming options and also works with Roku’s mobile app for easier searching, private listening, and more.

$467.42 at Amazon

Westinghouse 75 Inch Tv

Westinghouse 75-inch 4K Roku TV | $100 off

This Westinghouse TV includes 4K resolution and support for HDR content with HDR10. It has compatibility with Apple AirPlay 2 and SmartShare as well so you can push content from your mobile device straight to your TV. There’s also Dolby Audio for crystal-clear sound, built-in Wi-Fi, and three HDMI ports. Plus all the benefits that come from having a Roku TV smart platform, including streaming apps and private listening and voice control through the mobile app.

$699.99 at Best Buy

Roku price tracking

The nice thing about tracking Roku devices is that there are only a few devices to track. The not-so-nice thing about tracking Roku is everyone wants to sell them. You can check out Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and a dozen other retailers for all the most current Roku deals. A lot of times the deals we see at retailers are actually savings being advertised by Roku itself so you can check the main Roku page for deals as well. Best Buy and Amazon are the best places for Roku TV deals. The TCL brand is the best brand for Roku TVs. Deals vary based on the time of the year, any big holidays coming up, whenever Roku decides to update the devices, and more. You’ll just have to keep checking back for the most recent deals, and we’ll keep this page updated with the best ones available.

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