Best Online Fax Services 2020

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Online Fax Services
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In the old days, the only way you could get paperwork from point A to point B quickly was through the use of fax machines. Noisy and expensive, these contraptions were (and still are) a hassle to work with. Thankfully, though, there’s a modern alternative: online fax services. These allow you to send and receive faxes on your computer in an organized and simple manner, and in the long run, you’ll be glad you went with one of these services over traditional faxing. Here are some of our favorite online fax services.

Staff pick

MetroFax features excellently-designed software and mobile apps, support for over 50 file formats, and a nice starting price of 500 pages per month for $8.30, making it our favorite.

From $8.30/mo at MetroFax

Fax.Plus’ software and apps are just as great as MetroFax’s. Additionally, the starting price of 100 pages for $4.99 each month make Fax.Plus ideal for people who only fax occasionally.

From $4.99/mo at Fax.Plus

SRFax is for folks who need to fax on very rare occasions, as it has a plan where you can spend $3.29/mo to send up to 25 papers.

From $3.29/mo at SRFax

HelloFax doesn’t come with the features and page counts that better options do, but it does have a plan that lets you fax five pages a month for free, making it ideal for one-time-only users.

From Free/5 pages at HelloFax

GotFreeFax isn’t very intuitive to use, but it does allow you to send two free faxes per day. However, you can’t receive any faxes with it.

From Free/2 pages at GotFreeFax

SFax’s prices start out high at $29 per month for 350 pages, but the benefit is that you get full HIPAA-compliant faxing and other security measures. The software is excellent, too.

From $29/mo at SFax

Biscom123 comes with intuitive and attractive software, and the Small Group Plan of $14.99/mo comes with support for multiple users and 300 pages, making it an excellent choice for a business.

From $7.99 at Biscom123

eFax has excellent software, but the price is high. However, it’s the only option that supports huge file sizes, so if you need to fax lots of photos, this is the service for you.

From $14.13/mo at eFax

RingCentral offers a plan that allows you to send up to 1,500 faxes per month for $17.99, making it ideal for high-volume faxing. You can schedule faxes, too.

$17.99/mo at RingCentral

Nextiva uses robust faxing for emails, making it ideal for people who prefer doing faxes that way. The price is also excellent, although Nextiva’s web portal isn’t as responsive as other options.

From $4.95/mo at Nextiva

If we had to choose

When it comes to selecting an online fax service, there are a few different things to consider. Ideally, you want to find a service that gives you the amount of pages you need to fax per month for a good price. High software quality and bonus features are nice, too. In our minds, the best fax service out there is MetroFax since it strikes an excellent balance between page count, pricing, software quality, and features. For people who need a reliable, smooth, and affordable faxing service, it doesn’t get better than MetroFax.

If you’re looking for a lighter service that’s more budget-friendly and is just as intuitive, look no further than Fax.Plus. With its $4.99 per month option that allows you to fax 100 pages, it’s perfect for people who don’t need to fax a ton of documents every month and want to save some money.

Finally, people who need a faxing service that can support tons of pages should look to RingCentral. It supports up to 1,500 pages a month for $17.99, making it ideal for folks who need something high-volume.

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