Best Buy shaves $300 off Verizon’s Galaxy Note 10 & S10 prices

It looks like the Galaxy Tab S6 is not the only Samsung flagship device to be offered by Best Buy at a significant discount. The Galaxy S10 and S10+, as well as the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+/5G offered by Verizon, can also be purchased for $300 less. The discount applies when you acquire one of these phones on a Verizon Device Payment plan or when purchasing it for a one-time upfront payment with activation.It’s a great time to be looking for a new Galaxy flagshipMost of Samsung’s flagship phones now hit the shelves for around $1,000 at launch, so a $300 discount is quite significant and allows prospective Galaxy phone buyers who may have been previously locked out of the flagship segment to consider switching to a premium device.Verizon’s Galaxy S10 with 128GB of storage is now available for $599 down from $899, or for $25 a month on a two-year device payment plan. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S10+ is now offered by Best Buy for $699, or 24 monthly payments of $29.17.S Pen enthusiasts can purchase one of the three Galaxy Note 10 variants available from Verizon. The regular Galaxy Note 10 costs $649 or $27.09 a month, while the Galaxy Note 10+ costs $799 or $33.34 a month. Best Buy is also offering the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G for $999, down from the original price of $1,299. Alternatively, you can choose to pay $41.76 per month for two years, or $31.94 per month for 36 months.Whether you prefer the Galaxy S flagship formula or the S Pen-driven experience, you can’t go wrong with either one of these flagship phones. They all offer great features and performance, and the latest discount makes them that much more attractive. Head down to Best Buy for more details, and feel free to join us in the comment section below. Are you going to take advantage of this deal?

Galaxy Note 10

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