Best Buy now has the physical version of Minecraft Dungeons for pre-order

September 8 is turning out to be a busy day for the co-op Diablo-them-up Minecraft Dungeons, with new DLC, free updates, and a physical release all happening at the same time. If you’re one of the passionate gamers who still favors a physical disc over a digital code, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to grab Minecraft Dungeons for Xbox, Playstation 4, or Nintendo Switch starting September 8, 2020.

Best Buy now has the physical version up for pre-order on their site, so you can reserve your copy a little under a month before they go live. A physical copy of Minecraft Dungeons will net you a cool $30 USD, but fortunately you’re getting the full Hero Edition. That means you get:

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  • The Jungle Awakens DLC, which launched back in July.
  • The Creeping Winter DLC, which launches the same day as the physical copies, on September 8, 2020.
  • Cosmetic items to customize your character, like a Hero Cape and a baby chicken.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering Minecraft Dungeons’ physical copy, you can find the necessary links right below.

Are you going to pick up Minecraft Dungeons in its physical form? Do you already own it digitally as well? Let us know in the comments below!

Now in physical

Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition

Dive into the dungeons on disc.

Minecraft Dungeons is already an epic co-op ARPG adventure on your favorite digital platform, but it has yet to be seen in the real world. Now that’s about to change, with Minecraft Dungeons coming to discs for the first time with a physical release. Even better, the physical release is the Hero Edition, so it includes everything you need right out of the box.

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