Best AirPods accessories

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As convenient as AirPods are, they’re not perfect. There are plenty of valid complaints to be made about the product be it about fit, isolation, or the lack of a waterproof build. As is the case with anything, there are some features that would undoubtedly make them a better product overall. We hoped for some of them to be resolved when the AirPods 2 came out, but these issues are still just as annoying to deal with as the day the product was announced. Luckily, there’s a booming accessory market aimed at fixing some of the pain points. So whether you’ve had AirPods since their release date or just got a pair for the holidays, these are the best AirPods accessories out there.

Editor’s note: this list of the best AirPods accessories was updated on June 15, 2020, to address a question in the FAQ section and include information regarding what you should know about the AirPods.

Want a better fit? Get Earhoox

Earhoox 2.0

Our biggest complaint when it comes to the AirPods is fit. Like the EarPods, Apple’s true wireless buds take a one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all. While they fit so well on some people that they can use their AirPods in the gym, others (myself included) are stuck living a life of being constantly aware of the earbuds perched precariously in my ear. If that sounds like you, you should probably get the Earhoox 2.0. These are small, sweat-resistant, silicone ear tips similar to those that come with the Jaybird X4 that ensure these won’t fall out of your ears.

To make your case water-resistant, pick up the Catalyst case

Catalyst Case

You’ve probably been raised to know that electronics and water don’t mix, but that really isn’t the case anymore. Everything from smartphones to Bluetooth speakers has some sort of protection against water nowadays, which is why it’s so annoying that the AirPods aren’t in that conversation. If you get stuck in a bad rainstorm or fall in a pool with these in your pocket, you’re out of luck. That’s where the Catalyst case comes in. It’s a watertight silicone case that you can keep around the charging case to protect your investment from water damage.

AirPower may be nowhere in sight, but you can still get a nice dock

elago AirPods Stand

If you watched live on the day that the AirPods were announced, you’ll know that Apple also announced a sleek wireless charging station for your Apple accessories. It would charge your watch, phone, and AirPods all at once. It seemed too good to be true and seeing as it still hasn’t been released two years later, it was. That hasn’t stopped other companies from making a few sleek charging docks for your AirPods, though, including this one from Elago, which costs less than $15. We’re not sure what the AirPower one would have cost, but it’s safe to assume it wouldn’t have been this cheap.

Don’t lose your AirPods with this cable from Spigen

Spigen AirPods Strap

When it comes to true wireless earbuds, losing one is a real concern. This isn’t just true with AirPods, but of all makes and models. Luckily for AirPod owners, there’s an inexpensive solution to this problem which comes in the form of this cable from Spigen. It securely attaches to each AirPod to keep them from falling to oblivion if they fall out of your ears and can be conveniently wrapped around the charging case when not in use. Whether you use your AirPods during your commute and don’t want them falling down a drain or only use them at the gym and are tired of chasing a single Pod every time it falls out, this simple solution might be for you.

Show some style with this leather case from Nomad

Nomad Rugged Case

If you have no problem with how the AirPods fit or how you use them, then maybe just spice them up with a bit of style. This case from accessory-maker Nomad is made of vegetable tanned leather that has no purpose other than making your AirPods charging case look stylish and unique. It comes in both black and brown color options and like all premium leather products, will patina nicely over time the more you use it.

What you should know about the best AirPods accessories

AirPods are easily lost, fragile, and not very long-lasting, so there have been a lot of accessories sold online to try to address these shortcomings. However, there’s a lot of crap on Amazon—and it’s not always easy to tell what’s good and not. That’s why we generally recommend that you buy officially-licensed accessories. But with Apple doubling-down and refusing to help its users out, they’re forced to turn to the likes of us for help.

Best AirPods accessories - Pictured: Apple Earpods laid on a magazine page with the small carrying case at the top portion of the image.

The Apple Airpods are easy to connect, if they’re connecting to an iOS device. Android-users will have a more fraught time.

What is the H1 chip?

Part of what makes the AirPods so good is all due to Apple’s own H1 chip, and its 2nd-gen successor the W1 chip. It’s not the only product to have this brawn, with the newer offerings from Beats also having the H1 chip inside, but the effects are more evident with the AirPods. You can dig deeper into what exactly this chip does in our full explainer, but we’ll go over the basics here. In short, if your phone has a H1 chip (newer iPhones) as well as the headphones, some of the struggles of Bluetooth can be handed off to the W1 chip to lighten the load. Therefore, the Bluetooth connection is stronger, power management is more efficient, and you’re able to connect quickly and seamlessly between devices.

Why true wireless connectivity is so bad

Best AirPods accessories - RHA TrueConnect: The left earbud being worn by a woman, it protrudes a bit from the ear with the stem angled downward.

The earbuds do protrude more than the AirPods.

One of the biggest reasons the AirPods are so convenient is because you rarely have to deal with a dropped connection thanks to the W1 chip. That’s one of the biggest issues plaguing true wireless earbuds. Apple had to literally make a brand new chip just to get around this and it still doesn’t play nice with Android users. While there are some other options that get the connectivity thing right (like the Master & Dynamic MW07 earbuds and the Earin M-2), the AirPods still do it the best assuming you have an iPhone. That said, there are plenty of companies trying to solve this issue, so expect improvements in this category coming this year.

AirPods aren’t the only good true wireless buds

A photo of the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 true wireless earbuds outside of the case, which is open and angled away from the camera.

The Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 earphones are a great alternative to the AirPods.

Even though you probably have already settled on getting a pair of AirPods (or maybe you already have a pair), there are still other options that you should be aware of as well. We have an entire list ready of true wireless earbuds that you might prefer if you want something that looks a little sleeker, has better sound quality, or even something with some active noise cancellation so you can block out the world around you. The AirPods might have made this category mainstream, but they’re not the only good pair of true wireless buds.

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