Beboncool high-capacity rechargeable Xbox controller batteries are on sale

One of the best things about the new Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is its mammoth-esque battery life, rocking all the way up to 40 hours. However, the damn thing is expensive, clocking in at $200. You can get a similar usage life with high-quality rechargeable batteries, such as these highly-rated cells from Beboncool.

These cells clock in at an impressive 2550 mAh, beating out Microsoft’s own recharge kit. Reviewers report 4 to 5 hours of gaming per day for a whole week before having to swap them out, making them a pretty nifty option for those who want some more serious longevity without having to pay premium prices.

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The downside is that these batteries will not charge via the Xbox One controller’s USB connection, you have to use the bundled charging cradle. However, the pack comes with two separate cells, meaning you can keep one charged and on standby ready to swap out.

All batteries die in the end, but Beboncool says these will last for around 2000 charges before depleting fully.

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