Beat big buff beasts with a new challenge in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

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If you’ve ever thought that all that protective gear, fireproof armor, cured leather and reinforced metal was getting in the way of your natural beauty as you fought different monsters, Capcom has you covered. A new quest called Muscle Monkey Madness is coming on December 19 and will be available through January 5, 2020. You’ll have to be Master Rank 24 to undergo the quest.

The quest requires Hunters to beat two Rajang. In exchange, you’ll earn the Buff Body α+ armor set. As the name might imply, this allows your hunter to go nearly nude while staying powerful and strong.

In other Monster Hunter World: Iceborne news, a recent update added a beast that is quite similar to the final boss of the base game — and cannot be killed at the moment. We’ll continue to provide updates on that situation as we learn more.

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