Be the envy of everyone with $1,300 off Samsung’s 8K 65-inch smart TV

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You know how all TVs used to be 1080p and 4K felt like an unachievable upgrade? But now manufacturers don’t even bother making 1080p most of the time? Well, give it a few years and everything’s going to be 8K. Get a head start on the trend with Samsung’s Q900TS 65-inch smart TV. It already has 8K resolution, and today it’s on sale at Best Buy for $2,699.99. We’ve seen this TV go for as much as $5,500 in the past, and today’s price drop is $1,300 lower than what it was a week ago.

This sale is part of Best Buy’s ‘Bigger Deal’ savings event, which is meant to compete with Amazon’s Prime Day. But Prime Day doesn’t even kick off until next week so Best Buy is just beating them to the punch essentially.

Let’s start with the part that matters. Samsung’s nearly borderless Infinity Screen gives you 8K pixel resolution. That is 7,680 x 4,320 pixels. That’s a lot of pixels. The TV also has a super advanced AI processor that can intelligently detect the resolution of the content you’re watching and upscale it as close as possible to 8K, so everything you watch benefits. With direct full array backlighting, you also have precisely controlled LEDs that can reveal the best details even in the darkest of scenes.

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Each side of the TV actually has a speaker built into it, too, so you get really advanced sound. The audio puts you in the middle of the action with objective tracking that can direct everything. You get Quantum HDR support for even more detail in the imagery as well.

Samsung’s smart TV platform gives you access to all the best streaming services. You can use the built-in Wi-Fi or the integrated apps to stream your favorite movies and episodes.

Keep on top of all the best deals we’re seeing with Best Buy’s sales event and Amazon Prime Day.

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