Aura Pink and Aura Red Galaxy Note 10 land in the US before the holidays

Launching new color options for flagships has long been Samsung’s way of increasing sales once the device has been on the market for a couple of months. True to form, the company today started offering the Aura Pink and Aura Red colors for the Galaxy Note 10 in the United States.There aren’t “new” colors per se, they have been available in other markets. This is just the first time that the Aura Pink and Aura Red Galaxy Note 10 has been available in the United States. Samsung has brought these new color options to the market ahead of the holiday season.Aura Pink and Aura Red Galaxy Note 10 out in the USThe holiday shopping season is always a lucrative opportunity. Samsung is already running pre-Black Friday deals on many of its products. These color options will help it make the Galaxy Note 10 appeal to more people in the United States.

The Galaxy Note 10 can be purchased in Aura Pink and Aura Red only from Samsung’s online store. They’ll be available in limited quantities so if you like what you see, better not waste any time in picking one up. It’s not offering these colors for the Galaxy Note 10+ and the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.Samsung fans in the United States finally have the opportunity to get the Galaxy Note 10 in either of the two colors. Having seen both the Aura Red and Aura Pink up close during Samsung’s launch event for the Galaxy Note 10, they’re both excellent options. The Aura Pink is a muted shade and the light plays off of it very nicely. The red in Aura Red is deep and rich, it’s quite a treat for the eyes.So which one are you getting? Let us know in the comments below.

Galaxy Note 10

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