AT&T’s Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip prices and release date revealed

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AT&T is one of the first major US carriers to announce that it will sell both the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip on its network. The Galaxy Z Flip will go on sale from the carrier on February 14 for a full price of $1380 and for $46 per month on AT&T’s 30-month installment plan. The Galaxy S20 series will be up for pre-order from February 21 and AT&T will start selling it in stores from March 6, same as T-Mobile and Verizon.As expected, all three Galaxy S20 models come with 5G support on AT&T. The Galaxy S20 5G will cost you $33.34 per month if you opt for a 30-month plan and $999 if you prefer to pay the full price. The 128GB and 512GB Galaxy S20+ will cost $40 and $45 monthly for 30 months and $1,199 and $1,349 respectively outright. The Galaxy S20 Ultra starts at $46.67 monthly for the 128GB model and goes up to $53.34 for the 512GB model (which has 16GB of RAM). The full price for the 128GB and 512GB models is $1,399 and $1,599 respectively.

For a limited time, those who trade-in an eligible device, port-in a new line and opt for AT&T’s Unlimited Extra and Unlimited Elite plans will get up to $1000 credit, which they can use to purchase a Galaxy S20 for free, the Galaxy S20+ for $200, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra for $400. Those who don’t port-in will get up to $500 of credit, which also be used to purchase one of the new Galaxy S20 smartphones.Wondering what Samsung’s new phones are like? Check out our hands-on impressions of the Galaxy S20 and S20+ here, Galaxy S20 Ultra here, and Galaxy Z Flip here.

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