AT&T has one of the best Galaxy Note 20 pre-order deals

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Like all other major carriers in the United States, AT&T will also be selling the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra that Samsung unveiled today. Customers who get these 5G handsets on AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan will also get a free subscription to the HBO Max streaming service. All of AT&T’s 5G unlimited plans also include its Advanced Mobile Security Features like Safe Browing and Personal ID Monitoring.AT&T will also be taking pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 20 series starting August 6. The wider release has been scheduled for August 21. That’s the day when you’ll just be able to walk into a store and buy a Galaxy Note 20.AT&T is basically giving you a Galaxy Note 20 for freeFor a limited time, AT&T is giving all new and existing customers $1,000 off on a smartphone in the Galaxy Note 20 series when they trade-in an eligible device with at least a $60 value and buy the device on a 30-month installment plan with an AT&T unlimited plan that costs $33.34 per month.What this means is that you can effectively get a Galaxy Note 20 5G for free. The same also holds true for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which costs $43.34 per month on AT&T’s unlimited plan for the 128GB and $48.34 per month for the 512GB model on AT&T’s unlimited plan. The Galaxy Note 20 5G is available in Mystic Bronze, Green and Gray colors while the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is offered in Mystic Bronze, White and Black colors.AT&T will basically make its money back on the service because all you need to do in order to score this $1,000 phone from the carrier is just to trade-in a device that has a minimum value of $60. Sure, you need to stick to the plan for 30 months, but that may not be something that bothers a lot of people.

Galaxy Note 20 5G

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