AT&T announces blazingly-fast 5G+ for parts of Downtown Milwaukee

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AT&T already has a massive 5G coverage in the United States. Now as more and more 5G smartphones – including ones with compatibility for faster mmWave – debut in the country, the network provider is expanding its 5G+ reach. In a stride forward, AT&T has announced the availability of high-speed version of 5G connectivity in parts of Downtown Milwaukee.

According to the carrier, people and business in this area, with compatible devices will be able to enjoy 5G+ service – boasting download speeds of up to 1 Gbps. The introduction of super-fast 5G+ service in Downtown Milwaukee will bring along a new experience and possibilities for business and customers.

AT&T informs that anyone with a capable device and qualifying data plan in Milwaukee will now have access to both AT&T’s widely-available 5G network and “the more extreme performance of 5G+ in some high-traffic, targeted areas.” rest assured, when either 5G or 5G+ is not available, customers will continue to access the fast wireless network.

The identified locations where customers in Milwaukee can enjoy the blazing speeds of 5G+ include Fiserv Forum, Miller Park, and the Deer District. If you are in these places with capable devices, you would be able to experience the new dimension in data speeds. For the sake of non-residents, AT&T’s 5G super-quick mmWave speeds are available in parts of 36 other cities across the country.

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