Ask Mojang #9 sees Mojang Studios having some fun with the community

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The Ask Mojang series that Mojang Studios hosts on their YouTube channel is not the most newsworthy source of information regarding Minecraft, but fans of Minecraft can still find a lot of joy in learning little tidbits about their favorite game from the perspective of the people who help build it. The latest episode, Ask Mojang #9, continues this by answering some cool questions from the Minecraft community.

Questions include things like why Steve doesn’t get hurt when punching a cactus (he’s got some monster hands), how ghasts instinctively know where you are, even when their eyes are always closed, and what goats could mean for Minecraft. Out of all the questions, the one about goats is the only one that could allude to future changes to Minecraft (goats might be added to Minecraft in the future ‘Mountain Update’), but otherwise it’s just a short video of a bunch of nerds joking about Minecraft.

If you’re interested, you can watch the video above. If you’re looking for something more serious, the Nether Update just came out to the public!

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