Arizona Sunshine launches on the Oculus Quest on December 5

Arizona Sunshine launches on the Oculus Quest on December 5, 2019. Vertigo Games “rebuilt it in its entirety for Oculus Quest.” The game is on sale for 10 percent for anyone who preorders by December 2, 2019. The preorder discount lasts through December 2, 2019. After that, the game bumps up to its standard price of $40.

Arizona Sunshine is a Western-style shooter set in a zombie apocalypse. You can fight hordes of zombies that come at you from all directions with a wide range of firearms.

Arizona Sunshine has earned a high reputation among many in the VR community. It delivers an open VR world that allows you to explore and combat zombies. It has a campaign mode, co-op multiplayer, and horde mode that supports up to four players.

Vertigo Games confirmed that the Oculus Quest version of Arizona Sunshine does not support cross-platform multiplayer “due to the nature of the game being rebuilt from the ground up for this completely new and different headset.”

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