Are you working from home this week? (poll)

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With the current global health crisis, working from home hasn’t become so much a choice as a necessity for more people than ever. The Windows Central crew has been working from home for ages, but there are bound to be some growing pains for anyone who finds themselves homebound for the foreseeable future.

So we were wondering: Are you working from home? And if you are, are you staying productive or succumbing to Twitter, cat memes, and Netflix binges?

As someone who has been doing this since 2014, it’s been interesting to watch social media as people transition to remote work. Sticking to routines and managing distractions are things I now take for granted (though I still struggle with the latter), but it’s been fascinating to see how others adapt.

Beyond that, and at the risk of sounding preachy, let’s not forget about all of the first responders, doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, and other essential staff that don’t have the liberty of taking their work home during this crisis — they might need an extra “thank you” right now. While the transition to home work might be tough for some, it’s a privilege that we can do it at all, particularly as a staggering number of people are simply out of work.

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Let us know how you’ve managed to stay sane and productive while stuck inside. For me, staying sane has involved a lot of DOOM Eternal outside of work hours. Oh, and If you are among the newly minted home workers and you’re hitting some roadblocks, we’ve put together a ton of articles on tips to help you out and equipment you may want to pick up to make things run as smooth as possible.

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