Aqara Launches ‘G2H’ Camera With HomeKit Secure Video

Smart home device company Aqara has today launched the “G2H” home security camera with HomeKit Secure Video support.

‌HomeKit Secure Video‌ allows the G2H to stream end-to-end encrypted video via Apple’s Home app, and the camera will store up to 10 days of footage on iCloud accounts with at least 200GB of space.

Activity detected by the G2H can be analyzed by the HomeKit home hub device to determine if humans, animals, or moving objects are present, and in turn users can receive relevant notifications. The camera also features real-time two-way audio, one-click video messages, 1080p recording, a 140-degree ultra wide-angle lens, IR night vision, and a rotatable magnetic stand.

The G2H can also function as a hub to control all other Aqara sensors and devices. As part of this, the camera creates a unique “Event Timeline,” which marks all use of Aqara sensors and devices in the home, so that users can more easily locate a record period on the timeline without fast forwarding through the video footage.

The Aqara G2H is now available on Amazon for $69.99, with a 25% discount until October 15 with the code “AQARAG2H.”

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