Apple Watch sleep tracking detailed, could be unveiled at 10 September event

The Apple Watch could finally be getting its own sleep tracking features and we might see it all unveiled at Apple’s 10 September event.

That’s according to 9to5Mac and the word from sources inside of Cupertino that sleep tracking for the smartwatch has been in the works. A report back in February this year suggested an Apple Watch with built-in sleep tracking was in the process of being tested before a big rollout by 2020.

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The new native sleep tracking mode is apparently going by the codename Burrito internally at Apple and called ‘Time in Bed tracking’. Interestingly, the mode will let owners of multiple Apple Watch owners choose which Watch they want to take to bed to get that tracking done.

It sounds like the Apple Watch will not require any additional hardware to track sleep adopting the same method of monitoring your bed time as other smartwatches and sports watches. So, using a person’s movement, heart rate and noises to produce data about a user’s quality of sleep. That data will apparently be able to live inside of Apple’s Health app and inside of a dedicated Sleep app.

While other smartwatches have offered the ability to track sleep for some time, it’s believed one of the reasons Apple didn’t follow suit was due to the battery life currently on offer on its smartwatch. It seems Apple will try to remedy this issue by offering users a reminder to charge their Watch before thinking about tracking sleep time.

Apple’s Sleep features it seems will go beyond tracking too. If a user wakes up before the time an alarm was set up for, the Watch will automatically turn off the alarm. Other features include a silent alarm option, a Do Not Disturb mode that automatically activates when you go to bed, and a dedicated sleep complication to view data from your watch face.

Apple’s next big event is nearing on the horizon, where we are expecting to see the Apple Watch Series 5. Hopefully this will be the time when we’ll get to hear more about these native sleep features too.

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