Apple Updates iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor With New Backgrounds, Enhanced Search, Notifications, and More

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Apple has released updates for iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor, introducing a handful of new features such as enhanced media search and notifications for encoding batches, as well as bug fixes.

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iMovie 10.2.4 brings sixteen new solid and textured backgrounds with adjustable colors, the ability to import projects created with iMovie for iOS (version 2.3), and general stability improvements.

Final Cut Pro 10.5.3 allows users to create and save custom column arrangements in the browser, and edit them with the Column Set Editor. The update also enhances the browser search with expanded criteria including clip text, markers, and notes. Users can quickly search for clips by media type. There is the option to search for original, proxy, or optimized media, as well as missing media.

Motion 5.2.2 fixes a large number of issues with 3D object rendering brightness on M1 Macs and emojis rendering incorrectly in HDR, as well as unexpected quitting when closing a project after export, closing the HUD, adjusting the opacity of a gradient, or when dragging media or an object into a USDZ.

Compressor 4.5.3 brings notifications for completed, failed, and canceled encoding batches, embedded audio descriptions when encoding a variety of video file formats including MOV, MP4, M4V, and MXF, and stability improvements.

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