Apple to offer capacitive Action button on all iPhone 16 models

Apple has equipped its latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with the Action button. It replaces the mute switch found on all the other iPhones since the first-generation model. Apple, however, hasn’t offered the Action button on the cheaper models in the lineup, the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus. That, fortunately, is not going to be the case with the iPhone 16 series, claims a new report. That’s not all though. The next year’s models are also said to be getting an upgraded Action button.

MacRumors claims that it has “seen extensive evidence” which confirms that Apple will offer the Action button on all the iPhone 16 models, which means even the base variants, the iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Plus, will get the Action button. While that comes as great news for the prospective buyers of these models, there’s even better news in the store.

Apple is already upgrading the Action button

According to the publication, the Action button on the iPhone 16 models will be a capacitive button rather than a mechanical button. It means that you will have to just touch the button rather than press it. We are assuming that the capacitive Action button will provide haptic feedback if you touch it to confirm the input.

Apple is developing the capacitive Action button under the codename Altis. According to MacRumors, the internal documentation says that this button has a force sensor for sensing the amount of pressure you are applying to it. So, it looks like the button can perform various actions depending on the pressure you apply to it.

Reportedly, this capacitive Action button will also offer “tact-switching functionality”. However, there’s no information on what this feature could be. Along with changing the working mechanism of the button, Apple is also said to be experimenting with different sizes for the Action button with one as large as the volume rockers.

iPhone SE could also get the Action button

Last but not least, MacRumors says that Apple is also planning to offer the Action button on the next iteration of the iPhone SE. The fourth generation of iPhone SE is expected to hit the market in 2025. Once the Action button comes to the next iPhone SE, Apple might not use the mute switch on any future iPhone model.

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