Apple to borrow Samsung’s Under-Panel Camera tech for Face ID in 2025

More signs point at Apple wanting to borrow and evolve a Samsung-developed technology to fit its purposes, namely Under-Panel Cameras. Apple appears to have won a new patent for an under-display camera technology that may allow it to finally ditch the display notch and fit its Face ID hardware under the display of future iPhone models.

The patent describes an under-display camera system similar, at least in principle, to the one used by Samsung’s UPC camera hidden behind the foldable display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, Apple’s under-display camera system also appears to have a light source, which presumably refers to infrared light used by the Face ID technology. (via Patently Apple)

Samsung has other plans for advanced biometric authentication

Samsung hasn’t had much success with its UPC camera so far. It’s an interesting addition to the Galaxy Z Fold series. However, the lower image quality resulting from hiding the camera under the display didn’t turn any heads in the long term. It’s a bit of a gimmick, and it’s unclear where Samsung may want to push UPC technology next.

Apple, according to reports, may implement its under-display camera and Face ID technology in iPhones, starting with lower-cost models in 2025 and premium variants in 2026. It sounds as though Apple will want to test this emerging under-display camera technology on its lower-end iPhone models before implementing it across its entire iPhone lineup a year later. In contrast, Samsung chose to test UPC technology using its most expensive smartphone.

Although the future of UPC in Samsung’s hands remains uncertain, it’s quite clear that the Korean tech giant doesn’t want to follow Apple in abandoning fingerprint scanners and using Face ID-like authentication features. It’s quite the opposite. Samsung aims to improve the security of fingerprint sensors by 2 billion times with the release of OLED 2.0 in 2025. OLED 2.0 will allow Samsung to create screen-sized fingerprint scanners with multiple touchpoints.

If you want to experience Samsung’s UPC technology today, the only way to do it is by buying the Galaxy Z Fold 4. As of now, the device costs $1,799 unlocked with no strings attached, but customers can get a better deal by trading in an older phone.

Image of Galaxy Z Fold 4

SamsungGalaxy Z Fold 4

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