Apple, Rogers, and Ontario Government Partner to Support At-Home Learning, Over 20,000 iPads Being Sent to Students in Need

Apple, Rogers, and the Canadian province of Ontario have partnered to help meet the educational needs of students and families during the global health crisis.

This week, school boards across Ontario began purchasing and distributing iPads pre-equipped with free Rogers LTE wireless data to students who do not have either the technology or the internet they need to access at-home learning. To date, over 21,000 iPads are being sent to the homes of families in need, according to the Ontario government.

Apple is providing ongoing support and resources in English and French to teachers, parents, and students to support at-home learning, including videos, apps, and e-books to help teachers with lesson planning, creative activities that kids and families can do on the iPad, and free one-to-one virtual coaching by Apple Professional Learning Specialists.

The free Rogers wireless data will be available until the end of June.

(Thanks, Jacob!)

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