Apple Releasing iOS 13.7 Today With Next-Generation ‘Exposure Notifications Express’ System That Doesn’t Require an App

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Apple is today releasing iOS 13.7 with a major step forward in the Exposure Notification API that’s available for public health authorities to use for their COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. Exposure Notifications Express is designed to provide simpler deployment of regional exposure notifications without the need to develop or maintain an app.

The new Exposure Notifications Express system will also let users opt into the system more easily, while still focusing on privacy and security.

When upgrading to the new iOS 13.7 update, users in states who have agreed to use Exposure Notifications Express will be provided with a notification letting them know that exposure notifications are now available in their state. Tapping the notification will open up the Settings where they can turn on ‌Exposure Notification‌ without downloading an app.

Maryland, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. will be the first areas to use Exposure Notifications Express.

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