Apple Providing Apple TV+ Subscribers With Three Months of Free Access, Extending Free Trial Subscriptions Through January

Apple is providing Apple TV+ subscribers with up to three free months of service that will last through January 2021, according to Rene Ritchie. This free trial period will extend the year-long free trial periods of people who purchased a device beginning in September 2019 and signed up for access when ‌Apple TV‌+ launched on November 1, 2019.

Those first ‌Apple TV‌+ subscribers who had free access were set to have their trial periods expire at the end of October, but Apple is planning to extend that expiration date until the end of January.

Those who signed up for the free year at launch will now be able to access ‌Apple TV‌+ for an additional three months, and subscribers who paid for an annual plan will also be credited for an additional three months of service.

Those who pay for ‌Apple TV‌+ and have a month-by-month plan will receive three months of credits for $4.99. 9to5Mac says that credits received by ‌Apple TV‌+ subscribers who pay can be used on anything from the iTunes Store or App Store.

‌Apple TV‌+ adopters who signed up for their free year of service after a device purchase between November and January of 2019 will benefit from the promotion that Apple is providing, with those subscriptions now expiring later than expected. Those who signed up for a free year after January 31, 2019 will not benefit because their free trials will already extend beyond the promotion limits.

It’s not entirely clear why Apple has decided to extend the free trial offer, but it will be a welcome change for those who were expecting their ‌Apple TV‌+ subscriptions to expire on November 1 and a nice bonus for those who pay for ‌Apple TV‌+. The bonus months of subscription service will take some time to roll out and users may not immediately see changes to their plan expiration dates.

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