Apple Offering $700 Kit to Add Wheels to the Mac Pro

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Apple today introduced a Mac Pro Wheels kit designed for the Mac Pro, which adds wheels to the machine after purchase. The kit is priced at $699.

When adding wheels to the ‌Mac Pro‌ when making an initial purchase, Apple charges $400, but the standalone kit to be used after purchase is $300 more because the pre-purchase price includes the price of removing the $300 feet.

Apple says the kit includes a 1/4-inch to 4mm hex bit for installing the wheels, but additional tools are necessary. The purchase price includes a total of four wheels and an installation guide.

Apple also offers a Mac Pro Feet Kit for those who ordered wheels but want to swap back to standard feet. The Feet Kit is priced at $300.

‌Mac Pro‌ users who want to purchase the wheels add-on kit or the feet add-on kit can do so from Apple’s online store.

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