Apple launches summer 2020 Apple Watch band collection

Apple has unveiled its summer collection of Apple Watch bands, with a range of new seasonal colours.

There are new silicon options in three colours, which join the huge array of official bands on the Apple Store.

The colour names are pretty special, as usual. Seafoam is a sort of muted turquoise, and that’s joined by Coastal Grey, which has a kind of deep, dark granite vibe.

Then there’s Vitamin C, which is actually orange. An interesting debate in itself, as that seems a pretty abstract concept to me.

They all come in 40mm and 44mm sizes, so they won’t properly fit Apple Watch Series 1 – 3 smartwatches.

All are in silicon and Apple hasn’t added to its range of fabric bands, which is unsurpirsing given that the spring collection launched in March 2020 and that was predominantly nylon.

Apple launches summer Apple Watch band collection

The spring collection included:

  • Sport Band in Denim Blue, Lemonade and Red Raspberry
  • Woven Nylon in Black Stripe, Blue Stripe, Gray Stripe and Pink Stripe
  • Sport Loop in Flash Light, Hot Pink, Marine Green and Tahoe Blue
  • Classic Buckle in Spring Yellow, Electric Blue and Soft Pink

This is in addition to the new Pride bands that were launched last month, again in silicon.

All of the new bands retail at $49 a pop, which is obvious top dollar when it comes to customising your Apple Watch.

We’ve rounded up third party bands which you can buy for much less – but needless to say come no-where close to the quality of the official Apple ones.

While getting our hands on new bands is great, all eyes are on WWDC where we could get a look at new features landing in watchOS 7. While Apple normally unveils its new smartwatches in September, we usually get a look at the software earlier in the year.

WWDC is online only this year, for obvious reasons, and starts on 22 June 2020.

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