Apple is reportedly working on AR bonus content for its Apple TV+ shows

Bloomberg reports that Apple is preparing to add Augmented Reality (AR) content that ties into shows from its Apple TV+ streaming service. This is intended to both help keep subscribers around and to lay the groundwork for the AR headset that the company is allegedly preparing for a 2022 launch.

The new feature will allow fans to view characters, objects and locations from their favorite shows, e.g. a moon-walking scene from For All Mankind using an iPad or iPhone with AR capabilities.

This is apparently intended to be bonus content rather than something you watch in sync with the show. Apple allegedly has more additional content to bolster its shows, including podcasts about them.

A still from Season 2 of For All Mankind
A still from Season 2 of For All Mankind

The AR feature was originally planned for later this year, likely timed with the launch of the iPhone 12 (some of which are said to feature LiDAR like the iPad Pros). This is also when the free subscriptions people got will start expiring (Apple gave people 1 year free when buying an iPhone or iPad).

However, the pandemic delayed the software development and film production needed for the feature, so the launch was pushed back for 2021.


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