Apple iPhone SE (2022) in for review

Now in its third generation, the iPhone SE (2022) stays true to the formula – familiar, fast with long-term support and cheap (for an iPhone). It’s a winning product for Apple, so why change it.

The iPhone SE (2022) comes in a simple box with the phone emblazoned on the front (the imprint is the same size and color as the phone inside, which is a nice touch), a SIM tool, and a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Apple iPhone SE (2022) in for review

This is Apple’s cheapest current iPhone, but it is a bit more expensive than its predecessor. The difference is $29 at their base configuration in the US, and a harder to swallow €40 pricier than the iPhone SE (2020) was in Europe. But even that’s a lot cheaper than the base iPhone 13 mini, which starts at $699/€809.

If you’re looking at an iPhone purchase on the cheap then the iPhone SE (2022) is the entry-level choice for you, and it’s better than before.

Apple iPhone SE (2022) in for review

The iPhone SE (2022) has the same display, body, and camera hardware, but it gets the Apple A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13, which opens the door for better camera performance (though no night mode), and software support for many years – something many buyers will be banking on.

And, we can’t understate the importance of Touch ID. Not only is it a tried-and-tested biometric unlock method, but the physical home button is also a reliable way to return to the homescreen from any place – something many seniors count on.

Apple iPhone SE (2022) in for review

A huge update to the iPhone SE (2022) is the battery. It’s bigger by 200mAh and that, Apple claims, gives it two more hours of battery runtime. Now, we’ll test that in detail in our full review, but we have no reason to doubt it will be better than before.

Using the phone is an immediately familiar experience. Even with this small form factor, iOS is fluid and responsive. We haven’t experienced any hiccups, which isn’t something we can say about some of Android’s entry-level phones (yes, yes, price difference and all that, but still).

Apple iPhone SE (2022) in for review

We’ve started testing the iPhone SE (2022) for a full review and you can check back in sometime next week for it!

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